About Us

No one should overpay for wireless service.

And with our help, you never will.

If phone plans were simple and if reliable information were easy to find, Wireless Match might not exist. But with multiple carriers, hundreds of plans, and thousands of devices to choose from, it’s impossible to compare everything. To make matters worse, in-store sales people are pushy, carrier’s don’t reward you for long-term loyalty, and it seems every few months a new phone or plan is coming out. How can you possibly know what the best deal is?

Wireless Match makes everything easy.

Wireless Match is an AI-driven tool that uses complex algorithms to deliver one simple piece of information to users: the best deal on wireless phone service available. By analyzing just a few pieces of information such as your current carrier and # of lines, Wireless Match helps people find the most cost effective plan to fit their needs.

We're totally free and we save people money - how great is that?

Wireless Match also only recommends top carriers - prepaid companies, resellers, and other third parties are not a part of our search. This allows us to share information about high quality, dependable plans that people can bank on.

In a complicated world, we're making things less complicated (and less expensive)!

Find your Wireless Match today.